Barre Instructor

I​ was invited to a barre class at MBB on a whim by a friend and absolutely fell in love with it! I spent so much of my life viewing exercise as a way to burn as many calories as possible (which is not what it is about), it was so different & refreshing to find a class that focused on my mind as well! It completely changed everything for me. I was able to change the way I viewed my body and instead of focusing on the imperfections focus on the things I know are true- I am strong and capable! So what if my thighs jiggle a bit? They hold me up and help me power through many, many barre classes! 

Describe Yourself!

Sarcastic. Calm. Determined. Kindhearted. 

Occupation? : Barre Studio Owner...You may have heard of it! ;) 


Favorite Food? : Pizza, Peanut Butter, Ice Cream, Cheese (Brie makes my heart sing), Hippeas...the list truly goes on & on. I. Love. Food. 


Summer or Winter? : Summer! The hotter the better. But Fall is a super close second. 

What is your favorite part of teaching class?

The look on everyone's face when I sometimes bend the truth about there being '8 more'. I love when I can even get a smile or 2!


Favorite Health or Wellness Tip? 

Water. Water. Water. It is the best thing for you! Also, sleep!! Your body will tell you when you need to sleep- listen as much as possible. OH! Don't forget to laugh! Do things that make you happy! 


What should we expect in one of your classes?

To sweat! & a variety of music from today's hits to classics! Come expecting a fun and challenging experience! 

What is one item on your Bucket List?

Visit Paris! 

Anything else you want to share?

I love my pups, Maggie & Rosie! I'm also obsessed with anything ginger flavored! Oh, and if you want to discuss all things Bravo? Find me!