Barre Instructor

A few years ago, I was getting tired of the gym I belonged to and started looking into different workouts.  I had heard about barre classes and decided to try one out.  I quickly became hooked!  Not only did I notice my body transforming, but I fell in love with the entire atmosphere of the studio.  I always left class feeling strong, empowered, and refreshed.  Fast forward over three years later and here I am teaching classes!  Its something I have always had an interest in but never had the confidence to do.  I'm so happy I finally stepped out of my comfort zone!

Describe Yourself!: I tend to be more reserved at first but soon you'll see that I am kind, goofy, and very friendly

Occupation?: Stay at home mama to my amazing baby girl, Avery

Favorite Food?: Ice cream!

Summer or Winter?:  Summer, especially because of my previous answer.  Not that I don't indulge in the winter too ;)


What is your favorite part of teaching a class? 

I love coming up with fun playlists!  I think that if a good song is bumping, it can take your mind off the burn!

Favorite Fitness or Wellness Tip?

Something I am always having to remind myself, especially after having a baby, is to try not to compare yourself to others.  Everyone is at a different point in their fitness journey, and your experience is going to look different than someone else's.  Oh and also, everything in moderation!  Depriving yourself is recipe for disaster.

What should we expect in one of your classes?

Fun playlists, lots of encouragement, and a great workout

What is an item on your bucket list?

To create a happy life for my family, and of course to travel!

Anything else you want to share?

I am working on a Master's in Public Health but I also love relaxing with a night of reality TV, specifically the Bachelor!