Buti Instructor

I have always been an athlete and fitness enthusiast. I discovered my true passion and love for Buti Yoga while healing my Diastasis Recti (ab separation) after my second pregnancy. It was not only the results I saw but the love for the practice and the transformation from the inside out that drove me to take the leap and get certified to share the practice with the local community.  After teaching for a year, I wanted to deepen my yoga practice so I signed up and completed a 200 hr RYT program. The road definitely doesn't end there. Not sure what certification is next but I will always look to grow personally and as an instructor!

Describe Yourself! Easy going, boy mom, focused, determined

Occupation? : When I am not teaching yoga I am teaching at Mercer as a corporate trainer.


Favorite Food? :  French Fries - crinkle cut, not too much potato and a good crunch.

Summer or Winter? : Summer 

What is your favorite part of teaching a class? When that favorite song comes on and you can feel the energy in the room and see everyone giving it their all.

Favorite Fitness or Wellness tip? : Love your workout. When you find a workout that you love and are passionate about it will become a part of your lifestyle rather than something you dread going to.

What should we expect in one of your classes? A high energy playlist and a lot of sweat!

What is an item on your Bucket List? Eat my way around Paris.

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