Lindsay C.

Yoga Instructor

Describe Yourself! : Friendly, Hard-Working, and Helpful!

Occupation? : Certified Public Accountant

Favorite Food?: Popcorn

Summer or Winter? : Summer

What is your favorite part of teaching?:

I love seeing students enjoying themselves, I try to make my yoga classes fun and accessible for everyone and hope anyone who comes feels comfortable and leaves with a smile!

Favorite Fitness or Wellness Tip?:

Listen to your body, often we try to push ourselves to capacity in so many aspects of our lives.  In yoga, there is no gold star for doing the most advanced posture, so allow yourself to move and restore in whatever direction your practice takes you!

What should we expect in one of your classes? 

I aim to guide students through a vinyasa flow connecting breath to movement, but know that the class is yours to move however you need to!


What is an item on your Bucket List? 

To someday adopt a rescue dog!

Anything else you want to share?

I love to read fiction novels & am in a book club, always looking for and happy to share recommendations :)