Barre Instructor

From a young age, I loved to run and be active but with a congenital heart disease, I had to minimize such activities that spiked my heart rate. I quickly learned that I needed to be fully aware of what my body and mind can do but what my heart can’t do. In 2004, I found a happy medium in yoga and pilates and then barre in 2008. The low impact exercises of barre allows me to focus less on monitoring my heart rate, but more on strengthening different muscle groups and becoming mindful of my breath and alignment. Eager to help others feel empowered and experience the benefits of barre practice, I took a big leap of faith by becoming Barre and Reiki I certified from Mind Body Barre in 2016. My goal is to encourage others to overcome personal fears, step out of their comfort zone and connect more positively and mindfully with their bodies, minds and souls. I am excited to be a part of the Plie Barre Studio team!

Describe Yourself!: Creative, silly, and flexible


Occupation?:Elementary school teacher


Favorite Food?: I would eat cheese and crackers/bread everyday if I could.


Summer or Winter?: Summer but fall is my favorite season.


What is your favorite part of teaching a class?

Coming up with new routines to challenge students


Favorite health or wellness tip?

Drink water, carry healthy snacks, and meditate before you sleep.


What should we expect in one of your classes?

60 minutes to stay fully focused on your body and mind and leave energized and at peace.

Do you have a 'Bucket List' Item?

I have so many but one of them is to go to Tahiti.


Anything else you want to share?

I grew up in Tokyo, Japan and I try to go home every summer with my 2 girls and hubby.

I have a huge birthmark on my right arm that looks like a bruise! I think it makes me look tough.