About Us

Welcome to Plié!​​

We focus on moving in a way that feels good and honors your body. Your fitness routine should uplift you, motivate you, challenge you, and empower you. You have one body - let's celebrate it! We believe in showing gratitude for the ability to move our bodies, no matter where we are in our fitness journey, how tired we may be, or sweaty - it will happen! 

We offer a variety of classes that nourish the soul and strengthen the body. All of our classes are for all levels because we honor that no matter what, everyone is at a different point in life! 

Simply put - we believe that your fitness routine should not leave you burnt out. It should energize you + support you in your daily life. We'll move in all ways, shapes, and forms during our classes because our body moves in all directions! 

Come try a class + meet the community of amazing clients we have!

Yes, they are! 

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