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About Us

We opened our doors in 2018 with one simple goal. To make group fitness accessible to everybody and everybody!  When you come into our studio, the first thing you'll notice is the warm + supportive community around you!


We are not your average barre studio. We believe that fitness is not one size fits all! Classes include options to fit how you are feeling that day! Somedays you may want a little less and some days a bit more - there are always options! That's why you will notice we do not offer a beginner or advanced class. Going right back to our belief that classes are for everybody and everybody.

Your fitness routine should uplift you, motivate you, challenge you, and empower you. Simply put - we believe that your fitness routine should not leave you burnt out. It should energize you + support you in your daily life. We'll move in all ways, shapes, and forms during our classes because our body moves in all directions! 

We are a small, local, female owned business! Our community means everything to us!


Come try a class + find out!

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