About Us

Welcome to Plié!​​

Your fitness routine should uplift you, motivate you, challenge you, and empower you. You have one body - let's celebrate it! It may not always be easy but we believe in showing gratitude for our body and for the ability to move it! 

We offer a variety of classes that nourish the soul and strengthen the body. You'll notice all of our classes are for all levels (no beginner or advanced classes here!). Our instructors always offer multiple options for you and how your body feels that day. Some days you need a little less and some days you want a little more, we like to have options!

Simply put - we believe that your fitness routine should not leave you burnt out. It should energize you + support you in your daily life. We'll move in all ways, shapes, and forms during our classes because our body moves in all directions! 

We are a small, local, female owned business! Our community means everything to us!


Come try a class + meet the amazing community we have!

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