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We will work the entire body during this 55 minute class using a variety of equipment - weights, bands, balls, sliders, and blocks. Mats are set up at the barre allowing for continuous movement between mat and barre work. Class ends with guided stretch.


Our matte based barre class is focused on hitting every muscle from head to toe! We’ll move continuously throughout the class using weights, resistance bands, blocks, and sliders for equipment. Class takes place entirely on the fitness mat. Class ends with guided stretch.

Mind Body Barre Method®

MBB's signature 60 minute class dedicated to your mind, body and soul. This full body workout is composed of resistance training exercises that focus on the alignment & strengthening of the body using free weights, barre work and finishing on the mats for core work and seat exercises.  Class ends with guided stretch.

Pumped Up Strength™

Pumped Up Strength™   is a revolutionary new approach to group resistance training. It dynamically integrates your upper and lower body for a workout that combines strength + cardio, revs your metabolism, and trains your body in a whole new way. This class uses heavier weights (5-8lbs) and is not a barre class. The option to use lighter or body weight only is always available and options are always given. All levels welcome. 

Power 45

Our Power 45 class incorporates standard strength training (ex. squats, deadlifts, etc.) with  heavier weights, cardio bursts, bodyweight resistance! Class always offers low impact options. Class finishes out with core work and a stretch cooldown. 



A full body, all in one class! Class is split into two parts. The first half incorporates the fitness step; focusing on strength and elevating the heart rate through low impact cardio. The second half of class is a signature barre class! We will begin with a dynamic warmup and end with a cooldown stretch. 
Sneaker Policy: We will allow clean, indoor sneakers to be worn during the first portion of class (with the step). Shoes are not required, it is a personal preference - just make sure they are clean to protect the equipment! 

Barre Blend

Strengthen, sweat, and stretch in this full body barre class. Class will use a variety of equipment. We may or may not use the barre during class. This allows for us to change it up every time and give creative freedom to the instructor! Alternatives are always given. Class is offered in 45 minute or 60 minute intervals. All levels welcome. 

Barre Core

The core of this class is your core! The class focuses mainly on core work. We will move in a variety of ways to fire up the entire core! (Think front, back, and sides). This 45 minute class adds in light upper body or lower body work - depending on what the instructor has planned! Barre Core always includes a dead-bug, plank, and bridge series. Class may use a variety of equipment. Class is for all levels!

Barre Flow

Incorporating typical small isometric movements of barre with the gentle flow of a vinyasa to focus on stretching and strengthening your entire body. Expect to use light weights and/or body weight resistance. This class moves at a lighter pace than one of our typical barre classes focusing on taking time to connect to your breath. The final 10-15 minutes of class are dedicated to stretch + savasanna. 


This 30 minute class is a type of HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) that focuses on increasing endurance and strength! Each Tabata series lasts four minutes (alternating between 20 seconds high intensity and 10 seconds of rest). We’ll complete 5-6 Tabata series. Class begins with a warmup + ends with cool down stretch.

Candlelight Stretch

This 30-minute class is the perfect way to spend a little extra time stretching those hard working muscles. We will move through dynamic and static poses. Taking time to stretch the muscles allows for greater flexibility, alignment, and joint mobility while helping to prevent injury. Class will end with a Savasanna.

Burn + Flow

Class begins with 30 minutes of Tabata. Alternatives to higher impact and/or jumping are always available. Options will be given if you want a little more intensity or want to take it down a notch. The last 15 minutes of class are for gentle flow + stretch.

Cardio Matte 

Our matte class amplified! Just like in our signature matte class, we'll use light weights, resistance bands, and other equipment to strengthen and tone your muscles. We amplify the class by adding in larger ranges of motion, full body moves, and bursts of low impact cardio increase endurance and get the heart rate up.! Class begins with a dynamic warmup and ends with a stretch. All levels welcome!


Legs & Core

Just what the name says! This 45 minute class focuses on strengthening the legs, glutes, + core! Class can include both mat and barre work. Instructor will let you know what equipment to use during class. Alternatives to equipment are always available. We recommend bringing a set of weights.  Class ends with a guided stretch.

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