On Demand

Membership - $14.99/ Month 
Includes a collection of videos: 
Full Body 
Targeted (Arms + Abs, Legs + Glutes, Etc.) 
Videos range from 5-40 minutes. 

*Videos added + updated monthly.  

**Membership requires a 3 month commitment (auto-pay). 



-How is on demand different from a live class? : On Demand classes are pre-recorded classes. Live classes are our Zoom classes, we just hit record during class. We have included a few recorded livestream classes on our On Demand. 

-What equipment Do I Need? : All of our classes can be done without weights and/or equipment. If you have it we recommend having a set ( or 2) of weights (1-5lbs), a small pillow/ball, and/or block/sturdy book. What we use will vary with each class, but we will always offer alternatives if you need!

-Is there a beginner or advanced class? : No, all classes are for all levels. We offer alternatives but remember you can always go at your own pace!

-Is there music to follow along to? : While there is no music playing during on demand classes, send us an email or message and we are happy to share our Spotify playlist with you. *Livestream classes may include music. We do not own the rights to the music. 

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