First Time Clients

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First time clients can expect to get a great workout + to be welcomed into our amazing community! Our classes are guaranteed to hit every muscle! You'll feel muscles you never even knew you had! Class is performed barefoot or in sticky socks. (We only have two classes that allow clean indoor sneakers - Tabata Barre + HiiT. If you forget your sneakers, you can still workout barefoot). All equipment is provided to you. If you prefer to bring your own mat, you are more than welcome to! Our goal is to always provide a relaxing, inviting, and positive experience so that our clients leave feeling refreshed! 

Our classes are for all fitness levels. We do not offer a beginner class in the same way we do not offer an advanced class - we honor that everyone is at different points in their fitness journey and build on that!  Instructors will make a recommendation on what weights to use during your first class, but class is what you make of it! We can offer modifications and alternatives to fit everyone. You'll feel challenged and encouraged not defeated or discouraged. Don't put a lot of pressure on yourself! Feel free to even opt out of using weights! Form comes first! We focus on our own mats, not our neighbors. So if you need to take a break here and there - do it! What makes our classes different is that the more you take it, not only will you get stronger but you will find each class just as challenging! We will offer both verbal and physical cues throughout class to help you focus on your form, allowing you to go a little deeper.

Registration Info!

We highly encourage signing up for class in advance. This way you can fill out all the information we need ahead of time (including our waiver), and save yourself time when you get to class to become acquainted with the space and ask any questions you may have! Our instructors will know it is your first class and will be able to answer any questions you may have. If you have any restrictions/injuries (past or present) please let them know before class so they can give you any alternatives you may need. 

We know how it can feel going to your first class. If you are looking for a class that is on the smaller size, we recommend our early morning and daytime classes. The evenings + weekends tend to be a bit busier.

No matter what day or time you come, we are here for you! Every single person who walks through the door (instructors included) were once taking class for the very first time - just remember that!

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